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Goodbye Carbon.

Hello Sequester.

Our Mission

Sequester is launching a suite of tools that will allow parachains on Polkadot and Kusama to become climate positive in less than 1 day of development time.

Why Sequester?

Due to its shared security model, Polkadot is uniquely positioned to utilize existing network activity to natively power a carbon sink.

Transaction fees currently being used as an anti-spam mechanism can be leveraged to make every transaction on Polkadot carbon negative, without requiring any changes to the user experience. With the widespread adoption of Sequester across its growing ecosystem, Polkadot has the potential to be one of the largest carbon-offsetting entities worldwide.

To enable this future, we are building Sequester — a package that automates the functionality of aggregating transaction fees, exchanging them into carbon-backed tokens, and retiring underlying carbon offsets that meet the community’s specifications.

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Polkadot Decoded Announcement

See our announcement video with Bitgreen live from Berlin at Polkadot Decoded 2022.

White Paper

If we are going to shift the climate crisis in a meaningful way, it will require fundamental changes to the economic infrastructure and incentive schemes that we share and participate in every day.

Let's design an economic system that properly values carbon, together.


Our Github Repo contains our donations pallet implementation, example node with pallet integration, and documentation.

Support Our Work

We are a team of two building common good functionality in the Polkadot ecosystem and will not make money from the adoption of our software. All donations directly fund our continued efforts and will allow us to keep building for the common good. Thanks for spreading the love ❤️ 🌈.

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